Brush Up Your Skills: Perfect Your Perception

In the context of hairdressing and consultation it is often necessary to categorise clients. This may include assessing hair type, personality or even financial status. All these elements, if analysed correctly and for the right reasons, will help to provide the best possible consultation and service for your clients.


For example, recognising a stressed, tense client should send signals to the brain for you to emphasise a calm, relaxed, and helpful attitude. The key is to remain unbiased until you have had the opportunity to confirm your initial thoughts and reactions; this requires the correct interpretation of what is being perceived in order to create meaning. Be aware that you may get this wrong from time to time. 


Dialogue is one of the most important aspects of any consultation. However, whilst asking your clients questions, at the same time as actively listening, remember to keep in mind the other elements of perception and observation.


Follow our hints and tips to help improve your perception and overall consultation skills:

  • If you are not sure a consultation question has been understood, you may need to repeat the question adding, “have I understood you correctly?” – this example ensures that your client does not feel uncomfortable, as the emphasis is placed on your misinterpretation, not their inability to communicate!
  • If a client asks several questions at the same time, repeat them in an abbreviated format to ensure you have understood them all
  • Take the time to chat informally about family life, current issues, jobs or hobbies. This will help to reinforce client type. It is important that you remain non-confrontational; try not to give your own views or opinions if these are significantly different from your client’s
  • Empathise with your client, make them feel comfortable: you are providing a service and this goes beyond your personal preferences 

Finally remember to use the CAC strategy during a consultation to help convince a client that a particular salon service will be the best option for them:

  1. Confirm – acknowledge any concerns and identify the real reasons
  2. Answer – give your opinion, if possible backed up by visual examples
  3. Convince – apply this to your client’s needs