Care Culture: BC Fibre Clinix Consultation Tips

Clients are looking for individual solutions that provide real and visible results for their hair. BC Fibre Clinix elevates the in-salon care experience to the next level by offering the latest customisable hair care technologies that fundamentally transform the hair structure. Follow the BC way to haircare perfection to create the perfect, bespoke in-salon journey for your client's with a 4 L’s consultation:

The first step is to LISTEN; both hairdresser and client must listen and understand during consultation. Start by asking, "how do you feel about your hair?", to empower your client – after all, they know their hair best! By using feedback questions, you can confirm that you understand what the client is saying to you.

The second step is to LOOK at your client's hair to diagnosis their individual needs. Check the hair type to define the right in-salon therapy and analyse both the hair and scalp. Ask your client, "may I touch your hair?” – feeling the hair provides an opportunity to assess condition, and answer any questions with hands-on expertise. With this information you can provide a tailor-made service with the right range of products to cleanse and treat (or any other relevant service).

Within the third step, LIVE, you allow clients to experience the personalised in-salon BC Fibre Clinix Treatment. Hairdressers can create a hair-renewing salon experience by customising the treatment for each client; select the suitable BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment according to your client’s hair base (fine or coarse) and customise it with the suitable BC Fibre Clinix Booster.

The last step of the 4 L‘s consultation is LEARN; recommend the suitable BC regime and explain how your client can individually cleanse, treat and finish her hair at home to maintain the intense care effect and to prevent further damage. Explain the individual range benefits and usage instructions.

Watch the BC Fibre Clinix TriBond Service come to life as Salon Owner, Pont Smith (@pontsmith) uses the 4 L consultation steps to instantly improve his client's hair:



Want to learn more? Explore audio-visual BC Fibre Clinix product training on the ASK Education eAcademy for total hair care expertise.

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