Creating Tomorrow's Hair Today

Creating Tomorrow's Hair Today

Essential Looks Collection 1:2019


This season’s hair and fashion trend is all about motion, emotion and self-expression – showcasing 10 up-to-the-minute looks across three cutting-edge trends, all curated with a sense of creative freedom and true individuality.


Continuing to embrace the co-lab, we have continued to partner with Global Hairdressing Influencers and craft masters to bring you an authentic collection that embraces core trends and celebrates authenticity.


“We see Essential Looks as a guideline and not a mandate. Anything and everything goes, as long as you feel good. Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder. Followers and likes are not the benchmark here: YOU are." 


Schwarzkopf Professional International Creative Director, Simon Ellis

Feminine Active


Think street style where fashion goes from the sidewalk to the catwalk and back again.


This trend takes spinning to the office, restaurant, cocktail party or club. Athleisure becomes more feminine and features delicate layered looks, transparent fabrics, softer colours, asymmetrical cuts and decorative elements. Gowns and trainers. Business suits with flip flops. Tracksuits to heels. Good sports. No sweat. Undone do’s. Minimal make-up. Maximum fun. Be a lady wherever you go-go.

Luxe Vibe


Power-dressing 80s style is back! Heads are wearing big hair and balayage contouring to match.


You’ll fall head over — your favourite — heels in love with this trend. The empowered glam look is big, bold, blonde, brainy and brash: big volume and massive balayage contouring join oversize silhouettes with big shoulders, big checks and neon details to make a larger-than-life statement. It is 80s power-dressing at its best. This style is just oozing confidence and charisma with looks that are both casual and comfy. You’ll razzle and dazzle (and command the room) with a combination of majestic hair, magnetic personality and upbeat mood. Your message will always be heard — even if you deliver it in a seductive whisper.

Self-Made Youth


Whether it’s what you wear or your hair: “never say never” and “anything goes” perfectly sum up this trend.


This trend is filled with explicit content. Self-Made Youth is the next gen limited edition. Strong spirit. Pop and politics. Shock and social engagement. Edginess and empathy. Non-follower. I am my own brand but I am not branded. No likes? Don’t care. Four-letter words — like hair — are expressions of self. Unique. Diverse. Updated and in your face. Say no to so-so. Tear down the fence, jump out of the box, break the mould. What’s up next?